Pricing information

Price comparison rules: previous prices


If you make price comparisons with your own previous prices, you should take care to:

  • explain the price comparison clearly and unambiguously
  • make sure the price you use for the comparison is your most recent price that was available for 28 days in a row or more - if you use an earlier price you'll need to make that clear
  • include details of both the previous and the new price
  • make sure the basis of the price comparison is reasonable in terms of time - ideally the period during when the new price is available shouldn't be longer than the period during which the old higher price was on offer
  • avoid comparisons with prices that you offered more than six months ago

It's important to make sure that the previous price you refer to is a genuine retail price. A price is genuine if you would reasonably expect to sell a significant volume of goods at that price, or if you would have offered the goods for sale at that price for a reasonable period - such as 28 days.