Support for exporting

Advisory support for exporting


There are several sources of advice for businesses in Northern Ireland wanting to trade overseas.

Invest Northern Ireland support

Invest NI offers a range of advisory support to businesses planning to sell outside Northern Ireland:

  • Workshops - suitable for businesses of all sizes, whether currently exporting or planning to export. Core Export Knowledge workshops will help those involved in the planning, management and delivery of the export process. Essential Export Skills workshops can assist those with operational responsibility for export business or senior staff who want a thorough understanding of the processes and practicalities of exporting. Businesses participating also have the opportunity to avail of a one-to-one mentoring session with an experienced export adviser. Each workshop costs £75 (including VAT) per person
  • In-market research - Trade Advisers are based in Brazil, China (Beijing), Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Tokyo, Australia, Dubai, Europe, India, London (construction sector), Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and the United States of America. Additionally specialist food advisors are located in France, Germany, Italy and Spain.
  • Trade Advisory Services (TAS) GB/ROI - this service provides consultants to work with businesses and assist them to grow their sales in the Republic of Ireland and Great Britain. New exporters can benefit from practical advice in identifying and addressing barriers to export trade while experienced exporters will benefit from increased export sales through current and new export market development and capability development. 
  • Legal advice - assistance for companies new to exporting or selling into new overseas market. This support is subject to eligibility criteria.
  • Translation services - support for translation services for businesses new to foreign language markets and interpreting services for in-market meetings. This support is subject to eligibility criteria.

Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce

Chamber Connections support can help you access trade advice and establish contacts in international markets. Connecting You to International Chambers can put businesses in touch with contacts in overseas market. Connecting You to Local Businesses can link you to experienced exporters, so you can benefit from their experience.

The Export Documentation service from NI Chamber offers an extensive range of services to help exporters complete the necessary paperwork required when exporting.

The NI Chamber International Hub aims to help businesses grow globally. 

Supported by three International Champions, A&L Goodbody, Grant Thornton and Queen's University Belfast, the division provides practical business support, expert guidance and the opportunity for peer learning and connections for NI Chamber's member businesses. 

The International Division also hosts collaborative forums for established exporters and focused workshops for new exporters drawing on the expertise of the International Champions and successful corporates.


InterTradeIreland’s Funding Advisory Service for Established Businesses is aimed at SMEs who are looking for new or alternative sources of funding to finance business growth. 

20 companies each year will be given the opportunity to participate in the programme. 14 from the Republic of Ireland six from Northern Ireland. The objective of the programme is to improve the capacity of participants to raise finance to enable their business to grow. 

Note applicants to the programme will be required to have a minimum annual turnover of £100,000 (or €uro equivalent), have a trading history of a minimum of 18 months and should have attended a workshop. Applicants to the programme will be required to submit their most recent annual accounts and a business plan.

Business finance and support finder

The Business Finance and Support Finder is a searchable database that can help you find publicly-funded sources of assistance. Support may be available in a number of forms, including financial assistance and free or subsidised advice services.