Support for exporting

Export training programmes


Training programmes and seminars provide an opportunity to get a feel for the potential of overseas markets. There is a range of export training and support available for you to access.

Invest Northern Ireland programmes

Currently, Invest NI delivers the Going Dutch programme which can help you gain access to Holland.  This assistance provides businesses with consultancy support, in addition to helping you with tailored market research and market visits.

  • Going Dutch - a structured programme to help businesses with little or no experience of trading outside the British Isles to explore new opportunities in Holland.

Invest Northern Ireland seminars

Invest Northern Ireland holds free seminars to help businesses explore export opportunities. These sessions give companies an understanding of how to do business in specific countries. Invest Northern Ireland's overseas trade advisers are available at the seminars to provide advice. View the Invest NI International Trade Calendar.

Danske Bank Export First programme

The Danske Bank Export First programme brings together new exporters and offers them access to local businesses who are experienced exporters.

Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce 

Connecting for Growth is a cross-border trade initiative designed to facilitate increased business between companies from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland through a series of meet the buyer events.

The Connecting for Growth programme focuses on bringing together more than 250 businesses with procurement teams from large buying organisations and is open to any businesses that have an interest in developing cross-border trade opportunities. The programme also provides participants with an opportunity to make a pitch to a wide range of private sector buyers whilst networking and developing links with each other.

Business finance and support finder

The Business Finance and Support Finder is a searchable database that can help you find publicly-funded sources of assistance including training programmes. Support may be available in a number of forms, including financial assistance and free or subsidised advice services.