Develop a digital marketing plan

Digital marketing plan - budget


The final section of your digital marketing plan will outline your budget for achieving your objectives. This is best presented as a single spreadsheet, providing specific details on:

  • what you plan to spend overall
  • how this will be broken down across tactics over a fixed period
  • any financial key performance indicators or milestones that need to be met
  • potential return on investment across channels
  • a summary of projected benefits - which can be used in the executive summary

The summary of projected benefits should include estimates of how much traffic will come from each tactic and the number of prospects that will likely go on to convert. Try to back up your estimates with figures wherever possible. This will help justify the mix of tactics you have chosen.

You should also include an analysis of projected sales, across tactics, and the profit that each will generate. This will help you quantify the net profit from your overall digital marketing plan.

Download a digital marketing plan template (DOC, 74K).