Grow your retail business

Support for growing a retail business


Finding finance to help start or improve your business is tough at any time, but retailers can find it especially difficult. However there are always options to explore and you might find non-financial support just as valuable for your business.

Bank loans

All businesses need to develop a relationship with a bank, and this continues to be a key area for accessing business financing. Business loans for retailers - whether starting up, for growth or bridging finance - are available for businesses with a strong business plan. See is your business ready for bank financing? 

There are other types of finance that may also be suitable for your business. See business financing options - an overview.

Support services

While direct financial support is important for retail businesses, more targeted advisory or training support can be just as valuable. A growing retail business relies on good customer interaction with staff, and training schemes are available to raise the skills of your employees.

Find out more about employer support programmes which provide skills solutions for business and employee training and development.

Your local enterprise agency is a great place to find support for a retail business. Many local enterprise agencies offer property solutions which could help you to start up, and you'll also find development courses and potential access to financial support schemes. Find contact details to speak to your local enterprise agency.

Your local council is a good source of advisory, training and sometimes financial support for businesses. Find your local council in Northern Ireland.

You can also access free business support and events from your local council through the Go Succeed programme. Find out more about Go Succeed.

Many more forms of financial and advisory support are available to retail businesses - find more schemes by searching our Northern Ireland business support finder.