Choose the right name for your business

Ten tips for choosing a business name


Your business name is central to your business brand. Your name should work well wherever you use it - on the phone, in your logo, signage, stationery, advertisements, website, email and any other media you plan to use to reach the market.

Business naming tips

Here are some tips to help you choose the right name for your business.

  1. Think about the future - avoid words or phrases that are likely to date quickly.
  2. Keep it simple - pick a name that is easy to say and easy to spell to ensure that customers can recommend you and find you online.
  3. Consider your overseas market - if you're likely to be trading overseas, check that the name doesn't mean anything inappropriate in the relevant languages.
  4. Be creative - don't be afraid to come up with a name that is unique and personal to you, just make sure that it is also memorable and represents your business effectively.
  5. Check out the competition - research the type of names that your competitors have. Use this to spark ideas and find a name that will make your business stand out and attract customers.
  6. Make your name web and SEO friendly – Choose a business name that is easily searchable online. Check if your business name is free as a domain. Choose simple, easy-to-remember domain names. They help customers find you and type your email addresses accurately. Avoid unusual spellings or lengthy names that could complicate online visibility.
  7. Refer to your area - if you're focusing solely on the local market for your product or service, think about using the name of the region, city or town in the business name.
  8. Corporate name and trading name - consider having a corporate name and a trading name. This will give you the flexibility to develop other brands and trading names in the future.
  9. Check availability - once you have decided on a possible business name, use the company name and trade mark checker to ensure that the name is not being used by another business.
  10. Follow the law - there are certain words and expressions that you must not use without permission - see rules for naming your business.

If you are forming a limited company you must register your name and any other relevant details with Companies House.

Whatever name you choose for your business, it is important that it is supported with a strong marketing strategy - see create your marketing strategy.

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