Choose the right name for your business

Choosing a business name to create the right impression


When generating ideas about a business name, you may initially focus on personal preference. However, an objective approach will enable you to consider the customer first.

Your business name will be the cornerstone of your brand. It is something that you have to get right to create the right impression for potential customers and to market your business - see branding: the basics.

Points to help you decide on a name for your business

When choosing a name for your business, you need to ask:

  • Do you want the name to reflect what your business does - moving, cleaning, building? Or would something more abstract be suitable?
  • Would it be a good idea to include your own name?
  • Do you want a traditional-sounding name, conveying durability and old-fashioned values, or a modern name, suggesting a fresh, innovative approach?

Note that there are rules that could affect your choice of business name - for more information on business names, see rules for naming your business.

Companies House provides an overview of the steps to incorporating a company and choosing a business name.

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